Thursday, April 27, 2017

One Exercise that helps Sleep Problems


What does Tongue to the spot mean? Why do I need to do that? Who is it for? Why will it help me sleep better?

What does Tongue to the Spot mean? Touch the anterior portion of the alveolar ridge (right behind the upper central teeth) using a cotton swab, tiny dental band, life saver or a tongue depressor. and hold the tongue on the "spot" 5-10 times for several seconds at a time. Repeat the holding procedure several times a day in order to insure awareness for the tongue tip's in the correct resting position. This also strengthens the tongue in this position.

Why do I need to do that to sleep better?  This exercise helps awareness of proper placement of the tongue tip when at rest and when initiating the swallow pattern. This is the natural resting position of the tongue to allow air to pass through the nose, allowing good, nose breathing sleep. Also reducing mouth breathing, sleep apnea and snoring.

Who is it for? Anyone that mouth breaths, snores, has sleep apnea, "buck" teeth from tongue thrust, lisp, TMJ etc. young and old, you are never too old to strengthen your tongue and sleep better!